Actress Joanne Peh says married life is great

No. 10: Celebrity couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu, who were married in a private ceremony in September.

They are Singapore's most talked-about newly-weds this year.

And for the first time on Wednesday, actress Joanne Peh and actor Qi Yuwu appeared together for a public event since their private wedding on Sept 9 at the Movenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa.

Peh, 31, and Qi, 37, officially launched Ferrero Rocher's first South-east Asia boutique, Pasticceria Ferrero, at Wisma Atria.

The couple, who gazed at each other adoringly throughout the two-hour media event, talked about the sweet moments in their lives following their marriage.


1) Life after marriage

A radiant Peh looked happy and excited to have Qi by her side, holding his arm and whispering to him during the launch.

"Married life is great, we are enjoying it. It's not like things changed after we got married.

"On paper, it is different. But in real life, our love for each other is growing all the time."

2) Sweet romantic moments

It is the small little things that count for Peh when it comes to her husband's affection.

"Before he left for his overseas assignment, Qi wrote a personal letter to me and left it by the bed.

"It was very sweet, and I know that someone is thinking of me," she said.

"Sometimes, he will cook me bird's nest when I am feeling tired from work."

3) Separation anxiety?

As Qi has to go abroad frequently, Peh admits that their home feels empty without him.

She said: "We are living together now, and I've got used to having him around. So our home feels empty when he has to work overseas."


1) Life after marriage

Qi, who looked smart in a suit, exuded a stoic demeanour, not unlike his usual self.

But he was chattier than before, as he revealed nuggets about their married life.

"I used to live alone, and I've never thought about how I'll be like after marriage. Now we are living together, and that's a new phase we are entering."

He added: "It's wonderful to have Joanne by my side. I feel lucky and blessed, and I feel that my life is more stable and settled now."

2) Sweet romantic moments

Qi recalled a particularly sweet gesture from his wife recently.

"I had just came back from overseas, and Joanne decorated our place with balloons and said: 'Welcome home!'

"It was very heart-warming, and I felt very touched."

3) Separation anxiety?

Qi feels it may not be a bad thing that he and Peh cannot see each other often enough.

"I know that newly-weds want to be together all the time. But we learn new things about each other every day, even when I am in Beijing.

"We are slowly getting used to such an arrangement."

Plans to start a family soon

The newly-weds will be busy filming their new movie 1965 in Batam in the upcoming month.

The movie, slated for release next year, tells the stories of immigrants and natives in the times leading up to Singapore's independence in 1965.

Qi plays a police officer while Peh portrays a feisty coffeeshop owner, but there will be no on-screen sparks between their characters.

As for next year, the couple may or may not throw a wedding banquet.

Both Peh and Qi agree that there are plans to start a family soon, but said they would let nature take its course.

When told by the media that Peh once mentioned that she wanted to have four children, Qi looked surprised and said: "I am fine with one kid or four. But it's definitely within our plans to have children."

The newly-weds also do not want to take wedding photos, saying that "there is no need to".

Qi said: "People have directed me enough in my job. I don't want others to direct me again in my wedding photos."

He added: "I think recording the candid and sweet moments between us is good enough."

Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh are married

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