Actress Liu Yifei's face 'turns black' when female fan hugs boyfriend

Mainland China artiste Crystal Liu Yifei and Korean star Song Seung Heon developed real feelings for each other after acting in The Third Way of Love movie.

According to Asian E-News Portal, they attended the promotion campaign for variety show, Day Day Up together for the first time and played games together.

The sharp-eyed netizen noticed that Crystal's face immediately "turned black" after the organisation team arranged a female fan to hug Seung Heon from behind.

The netizen laughed and said: "The female goddess is jealous and how cute she is. Song Seung Heon, be careful!"

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According to a My Paper report, Song is full of praise for his girlfriend, and has even expressed hopes that the relationship will continue to blossom.

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He affectionately praised Liu for being "more mature" than him in many areas, despite their 9-year age gap. Song is 38 while Liu is 27.