All babies look the same, says first-time dad Qi

Qi Yuwu's wife Joanne Peh gave birth to a 3.2kg baby girl last Friday
PHOTO: The Straits Times

Despite being first-time parents, MediaCorp actors Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh are not the panicky type to rush to attend to their infant daughter at the sound of her crying.

But he admits that taking care of his child is like "learning a new subject": "There's so much to learn. Each baby has his own habits and temperament. There's no scientific formula to looking after a baby."

Yesterday, Qi, 38, was talking to reporters for the first time since his wife Peh, 32, gave birth to their daughter last Friday. He was in the midst of filming a show business- themed drama, Dream Makers 2, at Chijmes.

"It's a mix of feelings, I feel tired, yet there's so much happiness," adds Qi, who says that he had talked to his daughter throughout Peh's pregnancy.

"I've been communicating with her, even though I'm not sure if she could hear me. I feel that I've already formed a relationship with my daughter.When she arrived in my arms, she felt foreign, yet familiar."

But he declined to provide pictures of the 3.2kg newborn or give her name until he has cleared it with Peh.

He says he has come up with the English name, while Peh the Chinese one. His daughter's English name means pretty, "but it isn't 'beautiful'," quips Qi, who referenced baby name books.

People have been telling him that his daughter has his mouth.

"I think it's a little too early to tell who my daughter takes after. I went to the hospital nursery and to me, all babies looked about the same," Qi says in Mandarin.

Since the birth of his daughter, he has been helping Peh with childcare duties and brewing nourishing soups for her.

She is recovering well and relishing the joys of motherhood, he says.

Qi was by his wife's side throughout her 16-hour labour.

He even witnessed the natural birth of his daughter and how she emerged with a "full head of hair".

He does not think seeing up-close the birth of his child will affect his relations with Peh, saying matter- of-factly: "I've heard how some fathers view the delivery process and it affects their sex life aversely.

"Birth is such a beautiful and miraculous process. Everyone arrives in this world this way - myself and my daughter included."

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