Angelababy and hubby quash surrogacy rumours

Angelababy's husband Huang Xiaoming has put all rumours of surrogacy to rest on Wednesday (April 26) by sharing two photos from their pregnancy shoot on his Weibo page.

In the photos, the 39-year-old actor can be seen caressing his wife's belly and smiling gently.

Photo: Weibo/Huang Xiaoming

Huang also said in his post: "It's not easy being a mum! All mums are great, I love them."

While many new mums have a bit of extra post-pregnancy weight, the Chinese actress appeared as slim as ever after giving birth to their son in January this year.

Photo: Weibo/Huang Xiaoming

This led Chinese netizens to speculate that their baby was carried by a surrogate mother, which was fueled by a popular paparazzo blogger Zhuo Wei's response: "As far as I know it wasn't, it's a 'biological' child."

Photo: Weibo

The star's official Weibo blog posted a cheeky retort: "Rumours are rumours. We thank Teacher Zhuo for the clarification in the first half of his sentence, but we do not accept the misleading quotation marks in the second half of his sentence."

It also reminded Zhuo of the possible consequences of spreading false information: "If your post is reposted more than 500 times, you have to bear legal responsibility. We really 'love you'."

Photo: Youtube/Zhejiang TV

Angelababy, 28, is said to have returned to filming the Chinese edition of Running Man, where her son was shown to the public for the first time in a promotional clip.

The A-list couple tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony in October 2015 after a six-year courtship.