Angelina Jolie reportedly left with 3 years to live

Angelina Jolie is very concerned about her mortality,and is reportedly worried that she will die at a very young age due to her family history.

According to an article on Asian Town, reports reveal that the fiance of Brad Pitt and the mother of six young children worries she could have as little as three years to live.

Globe magazine reported that Angie is so concerned about dying that she has secretly written up a “bucket list” of goals to complete before she dies.

Angelina Jolie who is only 38-years-old recently underwent a preventive double mastectomy to minimize her risk of breast cancer and plans to have ­additional surgery due to an elevated risk of ovarian cancer.

Sources close to Brad and Angelina reveal:

“Angelina is trying to live her life to the fullest because she feels deep down that she doesn’t have much time left.

“She’s going to do everything she can to prolong her life but really believes she won’t even reach her mid-forties.”

Angelina’s worries about dying young are stemmed from her family history. Angie’s mother, Marcheline Ber­trand, died at 56 following a long battle with ovarian cancer. The actress also lost her maternal grandfather, grandmother and uncle to cancer.

“There is no longevity on my mother’s side,” An­gelina previously told Esquire magazine.

“She’s trying to cram everything into her life right now because she feels she could be gone in as little as three years,” revealed a concerned insider.

Family sources claim that this is one of the reasons that Angie and Brad have decided to go ahead and marry soon so there are no disputes when she passes on. She’s getting her affairs in order and wants her six children to be well taken care of.


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