Ann Kok upset by focus on her body and not her acting

Is Ann Kok tired of public scrutiny every time she flaunts some cleavage? And does the local actress think she has convinced audiences that she is more than just good looks?

What's your take on your sexy image?

Actually I'm ok with that. But I don't wear sexily or I don't do that when I'm on my own personal time.

I only do it maybe once a year, at Star Awards.

Before, I was quite upset when people kept focusing on my body instead of my acting. So I actually told myself that I want to try my best to let them focus on my acting (rather) than on my body.

They still talk, but I'm glad that they do me justice. They still think that ok, I "can act".

Have you told your stylist not to dress you sexily again?

Yeah, we've decided to like, cover everything from head to toe, except my eyes. (Bursts into laughter)

No, I think that doesn't disturb me. It's only once a year. But I think when you're on the red carpet, or when you're at big events like that, you should somehow be more eye-catching.

How do you dress in your daily life?

I like something that's more rock chic, more fun.

Did you feel self conscious about the attention on your body?

I used to feel very self-conscious before that. But then after that, I thought, 'It's not happening in my daily life, I'm not carrying mysefl that way,' so I decided not to deal with it, just let it be.

How is the real Ann Kok like?

I'm playful in a good way. As in, I can have fun with you, but when it comes to work, I'm kind of demanding, because I want to have good things to deliver to people. In a way, people might think that I ask for a lot, but I just want my work to be good.

I'm not scary, I'm not that fierce actually. I'm very soft at heart.

Oh I thought that everybody thinks that I'm fierce; I'm difficult to handle.

I've been receiving all these comments; even friends that I just met, they will say like, 'Oh you know you look fierce, you're not what we thought you are'.

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