Are you ready to try barbed wire brows?

Not too long ago, our Instagram feeds were hit with a quite unusual beauty trend called the feather brows-kidding, there's no such thing as unusual now because beauty bloggers actually use hard-boiled eggs as beauty blenders.

Anyway, consider feather brows, basically brows parted in the middle, gone because there's a new player in the arena called barbed wire brows.

Based on the photo, it looks like the barbed wire brow, let's call them BWB, requires more time and patience to be achieved compared to the feather brows.

But apparently, it's super easy.

All you need is a spoolie brush and some eyebrow gel or mascara (you can go for Glossier's Boy Brow in your colour of choice), start brushing towards different directions and you're ready to debut your BWB on Instagram.

The burning question is, are you willing to try it out?

If so, tag us on IG because we'd love to see it!