Around the world in 38 weddings

An American couple is trying to get married in as many places around the world as they can in just under 90 days.

As of Saturday, they have been married some 21 times since they started travelling on Feb 8, according to NBC Southern California.

Mr Cheetah Platt, 30, and Ms Rhiann Woodyard, 32, have been hopping from country to country, hitting places like Colombia, Kenya, India, Morocco and Spain along the way, reported The Daily Mail.

During their three month journey, the couple hope to visit 11 countries to have 38 wedding ceremonies.

And the Los Angeles pair still have some places to check off their list like Singapore, Australia and Fiji.

The couple are in Thailand, and will head for a layover here before going on to Australia and Fiji.

Their travels are being funded through their campaign on honeymoon registry website

The pair first came up with the globe-trotting plan after getting engaged last year.


They were having trouble coming up with one specific theme or idea for their big day and so, decided to start their lives by travelling around the world.

"A lot of women spend a whole lot of time and stress and money on their one day and then it's over," Ms Woodyard told news website Buzzfeed.

"I love that I get to marry (Mr Platt) over and over again. It's exciting that it's not just done in one day."

The pair are not expected to return home until April 28, reported ABC News.

Although they had originally hoped to be married on all seven continents, the cost associated with travelling to Antarctica made them scrap that plan.

But with careful budgeting, the couple was able to find round-the-world flights landing in 11 countries for less than US$3,000 (S$4,100) per person, reported Britain's Daily Mail.

The couple's adventure has already started to go viral on social media and might have also inspired a few other couples.

This article was first published on March 23, 2015.
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