Asia's Next Top Model winner Ayu Gani to launch sunglasses line

The winner of the 2015 Asia's Next Top Model competition, Ayu Gani, plans to launch her own sunglasses line in September this year.

"I was about to launch it in December, but I got accepted as one of the contestants in Asia's Next Top Model, so the project was halted. Now I really want to launch it," Gani told the press at the Fox Channel office in South Jakarta earlier this week.

The line's first collection, Gaze, would feature 24 styles of sunglasses for women, Gani explained.

"I really love collecting sunglasses. I think every woman needs them. It's a 'beauty cure'. When you haven't applied make up, just wear sunglasses," Gani said.

Gani added that she personally loved sunglasses with unusual designs.

The twenty-three-year-old said she would offer the products online and promote them through photo sharing application Instagram.

The Indonesian model secured the show's crown after beating Philippine model Marlene Monika Sta Maria and Singaporean model Aimee Rose Cheng-Bradshaw in the last round where judges favoured Gani in the final tests of a photoshoot and runway walk wearing haute couture dresses.