Baby hat-trick for former swim queen Joscelin Yeo

It is baby boy No. 3 for Singapore's golden girl Joscelin Yeo.

Ms Yeo, who is the Singapore Swimming Association's (SSA) vice-president (swimming), sent an e-mail to her executive committee soon after she gave birth on Friday.

"Hi swimming team! He's out! Michael Joseph Purcell. 3.89kg! Thank you everyone for your support, it's gonna be a great year! Let's keep pushing on!"

Mr Jose Raymond, SSA's vice-president (finance), said: "The e-mail shows you how much of a champ Jos is."

The former Singapore Environment Council chief executive officer visited Ms Yeo at the hospital yesterday.

The 35-year-old former swim queen, who is married to Mr Joseph Purcell, has two other sons, Sean, three, and David, 18 months.

Ms Yeo told The New Paper on Sunday: "My older boys are taking very well to baby Michael. Sean is especially nurturing towards his baby brother.

"When I was expecting, we spoke about how there's a baby growing in mummy's tummy, and they saw my belly get bigger so they knew he was growing."

Ms Yeo added: "And we spoke about how he would soon come out to play with them and run around with them when he was big enough to come out.


"It's easier for Sean to understand because he's older and he saw the addition of David. David is very intrigued by the baby and since he already has one brother, it seems like a second one isn't such a shock."

She also shared that she had a "yummy traditional breakfast with my husband before we headed to the delivery suite to get checked in". Baby Michael arrived not long after 5pm on Friday.

Yesterday evening, Yeo also shared a photo on her Instagram account, with the caption: "When two boys became three! #brothersforlife."

This article was first published on Feb 1, 2015.
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