Barbie Hsu posts family Christmas photo but netizens notice her sharp chin instead

Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu recently shared a photo of her and her husband Wang Xiaofei holding their daughter Yue Er in front of a Christmas tree.

She wrote: "Assembling the Christmas tree isn't as simple as I imagined it to be. Took us two whole days in order to give Yue Er a beautiful childhood memory. I went all out, luckily her father helped out!"

But Asian E-News Portal reported that some eagle-eyed netizens noticed her sharp chin instead and jokingly said: "That's a really sharp chin!"

Her sister Dee Hsu also joked saying: "Since I was young, I was frightened by my sister's chin, it's too pointy!

"But it's still beautiful! My chin also often scares her, I am also a pointed-chin beauty!"

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