Barbie Hsu's baby daughter delights netizens

Barbie Hsu's baby daughter delights netizens

Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu uploaded a smiling photo of her barely two-month-old daughter Wang Xiyue on Weibo recently, which immediately received a flurry of comments from excited netizens.

She posted the photo on June 29 with the comment, "Antidote!" presumably because of her daughter's infectious smile that can make anyone's day better.

The post received over 20,000 comments and more than 129,000 'likes' as of July 3.

The baby's smiling eyes also prompted comments that her name 'yue', derived from the Chinese word for 'moon', is an appropriate one, as her eyes resemble two crescent moons in the photo.

37-year-old Hsu, who gave birth to her daughter in May, has been actively sharing photos of her family online, much to her fans' delight.



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