Be the little mermaid you always wanted to be - for $39 a month

KLANG - Young girls and women can live out their fairy tale fantasies of becoming a mermaid for a fee of RM100 (S$39) a month at a swimming school here.

Coach BL Lee has been giving "mermaid classes" since 2011 for girls who want to learn how to swim and behave like the mythical creature.

Strangely enough, he said men had also asked if he conducted any "merman" classes.

"Currently, I don't. I do not have suitable fins for them," he laughed.

Dolphin Lee, as he is known to his friends and students, said he introduced his unique classes after seeing a woman acting as a mermaid during a product launch.

"When I saw the immense interest she generated among the guests, I thought it would be a great idea to teach such classes," he said.

"I started with four students. Now, I have 20," said the 39-year-old who runs the Dolphinlee Aquatic school.

Aspiring mermaids learn to hold their breath underwater as well as do somersaults and other tricks.

While it takes three months to learn basic "mermaid skills", Lee said "professional mermaids" swim with sea creatures, including sharks and perform at events.

Naomi Ching, 23, said she was thrilled to be a "mermaid" as it made her feel special.

Samantha Tew, 21, said one of the challenges was to appear beautiful despite being soaked.

"Nevertheless, it is fun and good exercise," she said.

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