Be Rathi Menon's biker boy

Miss Universe Singapore Rathi Menon (left), with her sister Nisha.

Male bikers out there, good news. Miss Universe Singapore Rathi Menon wants a biker boy to be her prince charming.

Asked what kind of men she likes, Miss Rathi, who rides a 400cc Honda CB400 Super Four motorcycle, said: "Someone who is like me, cool, who rides a bike.

"I ride a bike, I love riders. If you ride a Class 2 bike - 400 cc and above - please let me know."

And she doesn't look for specific features.

"As long as he's nice, respects women and loves me for who I am, I'll be thankful enough," she added.

Miss Rathi revealed that she has been single since she broke off a five-year relationship about a year ago.

Declining to reveal who he was, she said: "We had good times together. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out. Both of us were going in different directions. I wish the best to him."


Despite the split, she doesn't feel lonely as she has an elder sister whom she is very close to.

Her sister, Miss Nisha Menon, 28, a nurse, said jokingly: "Who needs a boyfriend when you have a sister?"

Indeed, the two are so close they share the same Facebook account.

Miss Rathi explained: "Because we have a lot of common friends and we usually take selfies and pictures together, so it is as good as having a joint account."

This means that potential suitors have to be careful what they send to Miss Rathi.

Chuckling, she said: "Sometimes, the messages that are intended for me, my sister would read and reply on my behalf.

"The poor admirers of mine think that it's me, you know."

But Miss Nisha, who also checks her sister's phone, said it is for good reasons.

"Just to make sure everything is alright. Just to make sure there are no stalkers," she said.

On her famous sister, Miss Nisha said: "It is nice having a Miss Singapore Universe as your sister. She gets lots of attention and she really worked hard for this, so she deserves what she gets. And she's very thankful for it and she's very humble."

This article was first published on February 3, 2015.
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