Beautiful winners of Miss Singapore Chinatown 2013

SINGAPORE - The 25th Miss Singapore Chinatown Pageant was held on December 21 at Hotel Royal's Jade Room Restaurant. Student Mandi Cheung took home the crown at this year's pageant. First runner-up was Ms Rachelle Lin, followed up second runner-up, Ms Goh Yi Ling.

The winners for Mrs Singapore Chinatown, for ladies aged 25 to 49 years old, as well as Classic Mrs Singapore Chinatown for those aged 50 years and above, were also announced.

Ms Cheung, 19, will represent Singapore in the upcoming Miss Chinese International Pageant 2014 to be held in China around the Chinese New Year season.

It is organised by Hong Kong's TVB station.

The annual pageant, which has been ongoing since 1988,  has been a platform for aspiring artistes hoping to get their big break in the modelling and entertainment business.