Bella Hadid designed the next 'It' bag


Bella Hadid gave us another reason to be excited about her upcoming Chrome Hearts collection. She recently debuted a handbag she designed for the brand.

Photo: WhoWhatWear

WhoWhatWear spotted Bella with the handbag while she was on the streets of Paris. It's a black and white leather bag with a minimalist geomatric design. It's a dainty accessory she paired with a fur jacket and grey trousers, even a leather party dress. Can this be the new It bag we've been looking for?


Bella has been teasing her collection by wearing pieces like a Chrome Hearts t-shirt and a white hat with gold embellishments. There's still no launch date yet, but she recently celebrated the launch of Chrome Hearts x Bella during Paris Fashion Week. This means we'll be getting a release sooner than we think.