'Big red and big purple': Fashion advice for Lunar New Year

PHOTO: The Straits Times file

Lunar New Year is one of the most important traditional festivals for Chinese people around the world. It is an important time for families to gather and also a time to wish for good luck.

People eat special food, wear their best clothes and send wishes to their families, relatives and friends.

Chinese people's living standards keep rising and it is not difficult for most to buy new clothes, yet what kind of clothes to wear during this traditional festival is the key.

As the festival is a time to meet those we haven't seen for almost a year, a nice and clean look is necessary for such meetings. Nobody wants to look shabby during this most important festival.

Here are some tips about how to prepare your wardrobe for the festival, which is a combination of Chinese traditions and 2018 fashion trends.

Then, picture yourself in new clothes from head to toe - isn't that a good start for a new year?


For any special festival, the colour of your clothes and shoes is the first thing to consider.

There is a Chinese idiom, da hong da zi, literally translated as, big red and big purple, which means "becoming very famous". This idiom could be a reference when you choose colors for the coming Lunar New Year.

For one thing, red is the most beloved and preferred colour for spring festival in traditional Chinese culture. Emperor Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) even had a red costume for special festivals.

In ancient China, it was believed that women looked best in red. Thus red was always a fashionable choice among ancient Chinese women.

One of their red dresses, shi liu qun, a kind of dress in the colour of a pomegranate flower, even became a reference to women's beauty and charm.

And the tone still will be one of the most fashionable colors in 2018, as leading international brands, including Max Mara, used a lot of red in their new products.