Blazing hot way to get hitched

ALOR SETAR - Ten fire and rescue vehicles took to the streets in Taman Setia but there was no emergency and the only telltale sign was the lead vehicle - a wedding car.

In it was the groom, mechanic Lee Keat Seang, who was indeed all fired up to fetch his bride from her house in Taman Dahlia, a few kilometres away.

"I was really anxious wanting to get to my bride's house and the presence of the emergency vehicles in my wedding convoy added to the urgency," said the 24-year-old volunteer firefighter.

Lee's convoy of five fire trucks and five pick-ups made heads turn as it went by.

The emergency vehicles were from eight voluntary fire stations in Seberang Nyonya, Kuala Kedah, Kilang Tebu, Pendang, Padang Sera, Kodiang, Bukit Pinang as well as from Pauh in Perlis.

Lee said he had his firefighting colleagues manned the vehicles after he had made certain that the stations could spare the vehicles for the occasion.

"I've been with the Seberang Nyonya voluntary fire brigade for some five years and I'm also one of the section chiefs.

"This idea actually came from one of the volunteers when I told him I was getting married.

"I agreed as it was a unique idea and only after we were certain that the stations could spare the vehicles did we go ahead with the plan," he said yesterday.

Lee said he took some three months to prepare for his wedding, as well as to coordinate the use of the rescue vehicles.

It was pretty much a quiet trip until the convoy approached the bride's house and in keeping with tradition, the horns blared but the sirens were silent.

For the 24-year-old bride Yong Pei Kuan, the commotion was expected and when she finally came out of her house alongside Lee, it was the presence of the media that surprised her.

"Lee had told me about his plan to use the rescue vehicles, but I did not know the press would be here," said the beauty consultant who gamely posed for the cameras.