Bohemian at work

The students wanted a modern bohemian take on office wear.

Their challenge was to find a piece that would exude that vibe, yet have enough structure for the workplace.

The MDIS team, made up of Jazlina Jumale, Shanice Cheang, who are both freshmen in fashion marketing and branding, and fashion design freshman Arianne Cruzado, created a colourful floral skirt that lends a gypsy-ish aura to the look.

They complement the Bohemian sub-text with chunky chains and jewellery.

The New Paper on Sunday's stylemaker and local fashion stylist Kovit Ang explains that the skirt initially came with an organza piece that simply did not work when put on the model.

"The length was odd and made it look slightly too mature," he says.


So through some creative tucking (a secret of stylists), the students created a mini skirt that was edgy enough for a young executive going into work.

"We then played with silhouettes to give it different looks," says Mr Ang.

"With one, we tucked in the blouse, accentuating the waistline for the hourglass effect."

He did put his foot down over the chunky necklaces, saying: "We had to draw a line. If you're not careful, it tips over to becoming tacky because the accessories are too gaudy."

His verdict on the students' efforts?

"I think they succeeded. The look works, the outfits look great and well put together, and it's definitely something for the office." ABOUT THIS PROJECT

Students from MDIS' School of Fashion and Design worked with renowned local stylist Kovit Ang (left), who has more than 14 years' experience creating looks for publications here and globally.

Over the last few months, the students created their own fashion looks for these pages. Starting from a "core piece" which they manufactured, they procured and borrowed items to achieve the specific look in mind - under Mr Ang's guidance.

MDIS' School of Fashion and Design started in 2011 and offers degrees in Fashion Design, and Fashion Marketing and Branding, awarded by Nottingham-Trent University.

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