Boobs are sisters, not twins: Bra experts share useful tips to feel comfy all day

Hate feeling tight around the bust because of an ill-fitting bra? Don't worry, you are not alone.

If you're too shy to approach the sales assistant while shopping for intimates, these five tips compiled by will help you find that perfect fit!

Most bras come with a series of hooks at the back, but the important ones are the last ones. Avoid using the innermost or middle hooks as it will cause the elastic band to stretch out faster.

Bra experts advise fastening the hooks at the ends when you start wearing a new bra. As the elastic wears down from wash and wear, move inwards and use the middle or innermost hooks.

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When trying on a bra, you should only hook on the last ones and check whether it feels snug.

According to the experts, the size of women's breasts changes throughout the year. It is also normal to find that one breast is bigger than the other.

Brand consultant and intimates expert Jenny Altman suggests that breasts are more like 'sisters' than 'twins', as she observed that at least 75 per cent of women she assisted have breasts of different sizes.

While shopping for bras, women should also focus on the fit of the undergarment instead of obsessing over the numbers, since a woman's breast size is constantly fluctuating.

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