Bring the color of 2019 into your life

Bring the color of 2019 into your life
Living Coral: color of 2019.

For those who love the colour pink, there's good news: Another shade of pink became the colour of 2019, according to the latest announcement from the renowned colour institute Pantone.

Named "Living Coral", this colour of 2019 is a blend of pink and orange similar to that found in coral, which has added warm delight to our blue oceans.

As the Pantone Vice-President Laurie Pressman said, coral pink works for everybody, "across the gender spectrum in apparel and across segments."

This warm shade could be a great choice for Asian people, who often have a warmer complexion.

Additionally, men don't need to steer clear of this shade of pink, as it is not that feminine. On the contrary, it could add a warm touch to any man's wardrobe.

It's time to bring this colour into your new year, from head to toe and from inside out.

Wear it with neutral tones

The safest choice is to pair neutral tones with any bright colors, including the shade of coral. If you want to choose white, go for a creamy white, rather than a more cold-toned hue. The coral pink can greatly liven up your neutral-coloured ensemble, even if you're just wearing it in a scarf.

Match it with earth colors

Similar people tend to get along better, and the same goes for colors. "Living Coral" could be a best friend to a palette of earth shades, such as brown and oatmeal colors.

Give it a new look with cold tones

Though warm colors look best with other warm tones, they could deliver a fresh new look when paired with cold shades. Chinese designer Chu Yan put coral pink together with peppermint green in her latest designs. You can also give it a try.

Wear it in your makeup for a radiant look

The pink shade of coral appeared in cosmetics decades ago. Both coral-coloured rouge and lipstick can make you look radiant and vigorous.

Sample the colour on your dinner plate

"'Living Coral', embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment," Pantone said.

There are many natural delicacies with this healthy pink colour that can nourish your body, including peaches, grapefruit and salmon

Enjoy its gentle beauty in your home

If you don't want to wear the colour, you can decorate your room in the shade instead. Use a proper amount of pink to ensure you don't tire of its warmth and brightness.

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