Celebrity parents you should follow on Instagram

Their adorable family photos will surely make you say "Awww".
PHOTO: instagram/aiainbaby

Who to follow on Instagram? These celebrity parents who not only share a slice of their everyday life, but also adorable snaps of their families.

1. Fann Wong (@fannaiaiwong) and Christopher Lee (@aiainbaby)

Photo: Instagram/aiainbaby

They are one of Singapore's royal couples, a truly enviable match. Fann Wong and Christopher Lee share their everyday musings as parents to Zed, who has been as famous as his parents even before he was born. Luckily for Zed, he doesn't have to compete for his parents' attention despite them having thousands of fans, as his famous parents are obviously very fond of him.

2. Malaque Mahdaly (@malaquemahdaly) and Syarif Sleeq (@syarif.ig)

Photo: Instagram/syarif.ig

Singapore Idol contestant Malaque Mahdaly gave birth to Selma Malika after marrying rapper and musician Syarif Sleeq, former member of the local hiphop duo Sleeq. Malaque and Syarif love sharing their bonding sessions with their Instagram followers. Aside from being parents to Selma Malika, the couple also own Chulop! By The Syarifs, an order-to-go snack bar specialising in churros.

3. Joanne Peh (@joannepeh) and Qi Yuwu (@qiyuwu)

Photo: Instagram/Qiyuwu

A quiet wedding ceremony in September 2014 opened the parenting doors to actress Joanne Peh and actor-husband Qi Yuwu. After giving birth to first child "Baby Qi", the two welcomed yet another addition to the family, "Baby Qi Di Di". The fascinating thing is they never revealed their kids' real names even on their Instagram posts.

4. Kate Pang (@katepang311) and Andie Chen (@andiechen)

Photo: Instagram/katepang311

Kate Pang, Andie Chen, and kids Aden and Avery are just too adorable not to follow. Kate and Andie were co-stars in prison drama Break Free and dated for over a year before getting married. After checking out their lives in squares, you can also check out their YouTube channel Kandie Network for your daily dose of family infotainment.

5. Zheng Ge Ping (@zhenggeping) and Hong Hui Fang (@honghuifang)

Photo: Instagram/honghuifang

Zheng Ge Ping and Hong Hui Fang were co-artists at Mediacorp who eventually fell in love. They first tied the knot in 1992 and had a church wedding the year after. Now, they enjoy the company of their two teenage kids Tay Ying and Calvert Tay. With her timeless beauty, Hong remains to be a queen of endorsements while Zheng recently released his fitness book Star Fitness.

6. Anna Belle Francis (@belleamafia) and Sheikh Haikel (@sheikhhaikel)

Photo: Instagram/Sheikhhaikel

What happens when a singer-actress marry a rapper-actor? They sure form a happy duo. Anna Belle Francis and Sheikh Haikel, together with kids Triqka, Abbra, and Sheik Juz, share their daily lives (and wefies) on Instagram. Anna Belle was a former MTV VJ. Sheikh owns the restaurant FatPapas.

7. Huda Ali (@hudz_ali) and Den Sabari (@densabari)

Photo: Instagram/Hudz_Ali

If you're used to seeing celebrity couples all glammed up, Huda and Den's Instagram accounts will let you in on their normal days, wearing only sneakers and jeans or joggers with their daughter Leila Qaseh. The couple met in 2005 and got married five years after.