Cheryl Wee's husband disguised himself as a rickshaw driver to propose

Cheryl Wee, 30, actress and founder of Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management


It took place during a rickshaw ride through the Arashiyama bamboo grove of Kyoto, Japan. I was led to believe that we were there to celebrate my parents' anniversary.

Midway through the ride, I heard our songWouldn't It Be Nice by the Beach Boys. Roy, who'd disguised himself as my rickshaw driver, had flown in a string quartet from Osaka to perform it live! It was such an intimate and grand proposal, and I said the most important "yes" in my life.


Our families hold traditions and heritage close to our hearts, and we like to follow our customs during important occasions while interpreting them with modern touches. Throughout the celebrations, we really felt the coming together of our families.


From being able to wear the same qun kua my mum wore for her wedding 32 years ago to feeling the presence of my beloved late grandmother as I put on the necklace she left me, and tearing up as my aunt Dawn Yip sang a song to bless our marriage, there were many moments I was especially thankful for.


An indescribable sense of happiness came over me when Roy first entered my room during the gatecrashing. I felt this keenly again as I made my way down the aisle towards this man I've been with for the last 12 years.

I told my mum: "I never knew I could be this happy in my life, and I don't even think I deserve this much." I believe that a lot of the extra grandiosity and generosity we experienced during our wedding were due to my late grandmother's prayers for us.


Before we met with Harijanto Setiawan of Boenga Flowers & Designs, I only knew I wanted the colours to include blush and champagne, and that roses and hydrangeas had to be part of the flower arrangements.

Inspired by my ballet background and our love story, he suggested a whimsical fairy-tale concept, which I totally loved. Personally, after sharing my preferences, I prefer to leave it to the pros, so that we can work together without cramping each other's style.


Roy was every bit the supportive fiance, and so patient and accommodative to my needs. I also received plenty of hands-on help from my wedding planner Clare Yuru of Bliss Pact and Benjamin Tan of Dick Lee Asia, as well as my mum and aunts who worked on the wedding night after night.

This community of support allowed me to not sweat the small stuff. A huge thanks to my mum for holding up the sky and moving mountains for me, so I could enjoy the entire wedding journey!


VENUE: Solemnisation and lunch reception: Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (6337-2036); dinner: The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore (6337-8888)

WARDROBE: Gowns: Vera Wang (; suits: Giorgio Armani ( and Sartoria Rossi (

HAIR & MAKEUP: Jean Yip Group (

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY: Alwin Lim of Trouve Photography (, Kenneth Lee of Fresh from Kenneth (, Samuel Ng of Pixioo (, and Yang Ang of Substance Films (

DECOR: Harijanto Setiawan from Boenga Flowers & Designs (6423-1400)

CAKES & DESSERTS: Wedding cakes: Bengawan Solo ( and Sweetest Moments (; dessert table: Creme Maison Bakery (

WEDDING PLANNER: Clare Yuru of Bliss Pact (

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Fresh from Kenneth and Pixioo for shooting our behind-the-scenes. Auntie Anastasia of Bengawan Solo, who made our wedding cake. Auntie Dawn for letting us use the ballroom, which she was originally going to use for her own anniversary party. Step and Deo from Step Studio for the dance choreography. Wedding Knots by Lavish for our lunch reception. The Jean Yip Creative Team for primping us all. And the The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore for hosting us in the presidential suite.