Chinese model-actress Lynn Hung open to idea of marrying a Singaporean

She has been single for more than a year now, following her high-profile split with Hong Kong Heavenly King Aaron Kwok last April.

But Hong Kong-based Chinese model-actress Lynn Hung, 33, still harbours hope of meeting the right man and marrying him someday. And Singaporean men stand a chance.

"I wouldn't mind marrying a Singaporean," she said.

"I have many friends here who want to introduce Singaporean men to me. Hopefully I can meet one whom I like soon."

"Singaporean men are very gentlemanly and polite. They are also friendly and will take me to enjoy good local food whenever I visit."

"But so far, those I like are either attached or married. I have to wait for the right one."

The star was in town for the first anniversary celebration of Japanese luxury jeweller Mikimoto's flagship boutique and the launch of Mikimoto and Hello Kitty collection at Marina Bay Sands yesterday.

Speaking to local media afterwards, Hung appeared to be in a good mood, joking with the press and speaking about her love life openly.

Hung dated Kwok, 48, for seven years before calling it quits last year.

It was reported that the couple had differences over marriage. Hung wanted Kwok to commit to her seriously, but he was not ready to.

It was also rumoured that Kwok was secretly seeing another actress, 31-year-old Christine Kuo, while he and Hung were still dating, leading to their break-up.

Hung was linked to several men outside of the entertainment industry after the break-up, but she denied this, saying they were just her friends.


Hung started out as a model in China in 1999 before expanding her acting career in Hong Kong.

She is best known for her role as Ip Man's wife, starring opposite martial arts star Donnie Yen in the well-received award-winning 2008 film Ip Man.

"If I have a boyfriend, I will be open about it and tell all of you, so don't be too anxious," said the 1.79m-tall actress said.

"No matter what, I am still a lady who wants a guy to dote on me. I will reveal my relationship because I want everyone's blessings."

Hung will turn 34 on Oct 10 and her biggest wish is to have someone to spend it with her.

She said: "I haven't thought of how I am going to celebrate it, but most importantly, I don't want to spend it alone.

"I envy those people around me who are married. Sometimes, I enjoy my work, but when I go home, I only have my two dogs to accompany me. It can be a little lonely."

Her criteria for Mr Right?

"I want to date someone who is not in showbiz so that he will have more time to spend with me," she said.

"I also like men who are mature, filial and treat me well."

Hung has no lack of suitors and she revealed in the interview that Singaporean guys have hit on her before. But instead of feeling harassed or intimidated, she feels flattered by the attention.

She made everyone laugh when she said matter-of-factly: "Guys are like that. If they see a hot girl, they want to get to know her. So I take it as a compliment because this means that I am very hot.

"But I will be wary if he is a complete stranger. I will get to know him better only if we have common friends."

When in love, Hung said that she will behave like a young girl who is gentle towards her man.

She said: "Of course I'll also have my stubborn ways. The guy will have to put up with it and still dote on me."

This article was first published on Sept 25, 2014.
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