Christy Chung marries younger fiance in marine-themed wedding

Wedding bells sounded for Canadian actress Christy Chung a third time on Tuesday (Nov 8) as she exchanged her vows with fiance Golden Zhang Lunshuo.

The couple shared photos of their big day on China's social media site Sina Weibo, revealing a matching set of traditional Chinese wedding gowns.

Also known as the kua, Chung's elaborate wedding dress took 2,200 hours of sewing. As per Chinese custom, she also donned dragon and phoenix bangles, necklaces and rings to usher in a harmonious and prosperous marriage.

Although Chung has been married twice, this is the first time she has performed the traditional Chinese wedding rites. The 46-year-old told the media that she never thought she would have the opportunity to marry again, and did not expect the third one to be the most fulfilling.

The couple changed into a more modern piece for the evening banquet, which was based on a marine theme, bringing back memories of Chung's role as a mermaid in 1994 film Mermaid Got Married. Earlier, the couple had sent out wedding invites which showed a photo of them dressed as a mermaid and a merman.

Chung walked in with a dazzling mermaid gown with an impressive train cascading off her waist. Her 34-year-old groom complemented her in a simple white pressed suit adorned with similar shimmering embellishments.

Guests were treated to a generous door gift pack, which included lipstick and skin care products. Each blue box had a pair of kissing fishes carved into it, representing eternal bliss.

Chung has three daughters from her previous marriages. Her eldest, 18-year-old Yasmine Ross, put her studies on hold and travelled back to Beijing to witness her mother's union. Ross, along with her younger sisters, attended the wedding as flower girls.

To celebrate their union, Zhang had partnered with the three girls to produce a new song, "Honey Honey" for Chung. The music video was aired just before the wedding.

Despite their 12-years age difference, the couple, who met on a dating show, battled heavy criticism and announced their plans to get hitched on the same programme.

Chung had also told the media that she wants to have a child with Zhang, allaying whatever fears her in-laws may have on continuing the family line.

Chung's daughters have also reportedly accepted Zhang as their new father, as the actor assured his parents, saying: "Blood relationships are not as important as having sincerity and trust. We have become closer than ever and we will be happy living together."