Chung quashes break-up rumours

Is it really over for Hong Kong actress Linda Chung and her long-time boyfriend?

Not so fast.

Speculation has been rife that she and Hong Kong actor Philip Ng had broken up recently.

The latter had been spotted on the streets with another woman earlier this week, while Chung was photographed by the Hong Kong media looking upset and depressed while filming her new TVB drama Tiger Cubs 2.

Chung and Ng reportedly started dating in 2007, when they starred in the movie Love Is Not All Around.

Although they have been photographed together many times in the past six years, the low-profile and cautious Chung had avoided talking about their relationship.

But the TVB star, who was in town for the grand opening of jewellery brand Mikimoto's new flagship boutique at Marina Bay Sands on Wednesday, brushed aside the latest rumours.

The 29-year-old, who was born in Vancouver, Canada, and also grew up there, smiled sheepishly when asked about Ng.

She said: "Well, I don't usually talk about my relationship. All I can say is yes, there is someone who is in my life right now."

Chung said she wants to get married by 33 as she is keen to start a family.

"As much as I enjoy work now, I don't want to keep working forever," she said.

"The entertainment industry is very tiring and I think I'll have no more energy by the time I am 35.

"It's good to set a goal and work towards that timeline.

"I foresee myself getting married even though we are not making any concrete plans for marriage yet. For now, I try to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends despite my busy schedule."

Her parents have been urging her to get married soon because she is nearing 30, something that she finds "very annoying".

"My mum bought a pair of pearl earrings which she plans to give me as a wedding gift. Now and then, she would ask me: 'When can I give them to you?'. My parents are very naggy."

When asked about the talk of her depression, Chung said: "That's a very serious thing! I am not depressed at all.

"I was filming my new show Tiger Cubs 2, where I play a lonely, moody, crazy woman. I was very into my role which is why I looked sad all the time.

"The Hong Kong media always photographed me when I was in between work and still very engrossed in my role. They don't seem to see me when I am smiling and being back to who I really am."

Sporting a slightly slimmer frame now, Chung also refuted reports that she lost a lot of weight due to her alleged break-up.

Looking quite bewildered when asked about the Hong Kong media reports, she said: "I have been exercising quite a lot lately, so I gained weight due to my gain in muscle mass. Maybe that's why I look leaner and more toned now."

Chung, who has been in showbiz since she won the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2004 in Hong Kong at the age of 20, feels that she is in a good place right now.

Industry insiders have praised her performance in TVB's grand production Brother's Keeper while her co-star Ruco Chan, 36, had said that she is the best candidate to win Best Actress at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards.

Chung said: "I am very happy that I'm the hot favourite to win the award even though I feel that the media is just stirring it up.

"I've been nominated for a few years now, and I feel that getting an award is not the most important. I love acting and I don't act just to get an award."

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