This creative mum turns fruits and flowers into couture for her kid

Your childhood photos never looked this good. One amazing Instamum from Antalya, Turkey, is turning her daughter's candid shots into works of art with fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Alya Chaglar, 31, creates the most charming portraits on Instagram with nothing but a witty sense of humour, a well-placed slice of fruit and her very cooperative daughter, Stefani.

"She enjoys modelling," Chaglar told The Huffington Post. "She struck a pose spontaneously and her facial expression was hilarious."

The project first started when Chalgar held up a piece of watermelon with her daughter standing in the distance and snapped a picture.

That fateful snap has since led to many more featuring other props such as flowers, and has gained the mother-daughter pair a following of over 36,000 fans.

Nowadays, they have turned their photo-taking antics into a regular game and the world is the better for it!

Click through our gallery above to see Stefani's cutest shots.

Photo: Instagram/@seasunstefani