Daughter's first words make Jay Chou's wife jealous

Daughter's first words make Jay Chou's wife jealous

Just seven months old, Jay Chou's baby girl is believed to have uttered her first words with "ah ba," melting the hearts of fans worldwide.

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最近hathaway 一直pu~pu 噴口水~~ 哈哈被我猜對了~先叫爸爸!媽咪我要放假了

Posted by 昆凌Hannah on Saturday, 13 February 2016

In a short sound clip uploaded to her Facebook page last Saturday (Feb 13), Chou's wife Hannah Quinlivan shared with fans and followers her daughter's voice.

Spitting noises were heard before a girlish "ah ba" was called out. Shocked, Quinlivan giggled and asked: "what did you say?"


Along with the clip, the 22-year-old said her daughter Hathaway has been spitting saliva recently.

The young mum also wrote that she was also not surprised Hathaway's first words was to call for her daddy as she had a feeling their baby girl would call "papa" first.

In the post, she also alluded that her "job" was done and it was time for a vacation.


Meanwhile, fans were tickled by the voice clip and said Hathaway is definitely a "daddy's little girl".

It is unclear if Chou was around when his daughter called out for him, but with the recording he can listen to it plenty of times.


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