Dee Hsu reveals the secret that keeps her marriage a happy one

Dee Hsu reveals the secret that keeps her marriage a happy one

Taiwan's International Professional Super Star (we know that's quite a mouthful so IPSS in short), Dee Hsu aka Xiao S was in town last Friday to celebrate iROO Singapore's 7th anniversary.

We sat down with the candid host to talk more about her latest movie co-starring Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling, the other roles that she wishes to play in the future, as well as learn some of her styling tips.

Do you think that your co-star Lin Chiling has caused your latest movie Didi's Dream to perform poorly in China?

Dee Hsu: Of course! She isn't as famous as I am in China. Jokes aside, the movie has done relatively well in the Chinese markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Despite the sales loss, Didi's Dream is still the best performing movie in Taiwan for the first half of 2017.


Do you feel disappointed especially when this is your debut film?

Dee: I don't feel disappointed because it still did well in my home country Taiwan. Initially, [director] Kevin Tsai and I thought that the movie would have been well-received in China but it turned out to be otherwise.

What other roles do you hope to play in the future?

Dee: I don't want to play roles that are too happy or positive. Instead, I'd love to play roles that are more serious and 'darker' such as a lesbian, murderer or even a ghost. If I were to play a lesbian, I'd love to work with Zhou Xun.

Are there plans for a third season of your variety show, Sister's Hungry?

Dee: Yes and we're exploring the possibility of having celebrity families as guests. So they can be mothers and daughters or fathers and sons.

After tasting so many dishes from your show's guests, which celebrity was the most impressive?

Dee: I was genuinely surprised by Nicholas Tse's cooking skills. Plus, he looked very attractive when he was concentrating on preparing the dishes. My mum had also told me about how charming he looked after watching that episode.

Photo: AT Marketing Consultancy

How would you style iROO's limited edition t-shirt (pictured above)?

Dee: Since the t-shirt has already been embellished with such vibrant floral prints, I'll most probably match it with denim. I'll choose a pair of bell bottom jeans and keep the rest of my outfit simple by avoiding any other embellishments.

Would you ever design for iROO since you're already its ambassador?

Dee: The boss has always been asking me to design for iROO and I've told him that I love t-shirts with a low-plunging neckline. He'll always agree to do it but till today, we haven't really designed it.


Don't forget to watch the video above to find out more about Dee's favourite iROO collection which has, according to her, helped her to bond better with her hubby Mike Hsu.

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