This is definitely the brush a mermaid would use, if mermaids were real

There are makeup brushes, and there are amazing make-up brushes. The Chubby Mermaid Carve & Contour Paddle Brush created by The Mermaid Salon, an Australian-based company, is just too adorable and falls in the latter.

This carve and contour brush nicely fits your palm and is a multipurpose, vegan makeup brush designed with the versatility to apply powder foundation, blush, highlight or contour. What more do you need?

Its flat shiny body is designed with fish or mermaid scales and you can choose from a choice of silver, rose gold or matte black.

The salon called it "the chunky little mermaid bum that broke Instagram."

These brushes have sold out and the salon has been restocking them, and luckily for us they ship internationally.

So, if you're ready to channel Ariel, it's time to own the real mermaid's brush!