'Descendants of the Sun' star Song Hye-kyo shares her thoughts on the show's popularity

Global star actress Song Hye-kyo held a press interview session at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday. The K-pop Herald put questions from global readers to the 34-year-old age-defying beauty Song. Below is the first instalment of the Song Hye-kyo interview series.

On her takeaway from "Descendants of the Sun": [asked by En Xian (Singapore), Liliana (Indonesia), Megan Chang (the United States)]

"I made many friends, all of a sudden. Lee Seung-joon, Seo Jeong-yeon, Onew of SHINee from the Haesung Hospital medical team, Park Hoon and Ahn Bo-hyun from Taebaek Army, and of course Jin Goo, Kim Ji-won and Song Joong-ki. Well, I cannot even count how many. I was rewarded with so many nice friends. They helped me overcome hard times during the filming. Oh, I almost forgot Kim Min-seok. He is my favourite. I hope the entire cast could maintain this relationship."

"I had gone through many incidents for the last three years after I filmed 'That Winter, the Wind Blows.' I found the role in 'Descendants of the Sun,' so critical. I thought Kang Mo-yeon role might be my last chance in my acting career. But the surprisingly huge success gave me another chance for me to act."

On the most impressive scene: [asked by BoomBimm (Thailand) Thunthika Deachasiri (Thailand) Maria (France) Choi Woo-jin (South Korea) Shee Moo Paw (Myanmar) Bea (the Philippines) Park Se-jeong (South Korea) Valencia Adetya (Indonesia) Tiffany Yun (South Korea) Julius (China) Emily Wong (Malaysia) Caroline Orada and Manilyn Magcanam (the Philippines) Kaye Cabriana (the Philippines) Lizette S. Delos Santos (the Philippines) Hevi Milda (Indonesia) Choi Woo-jin (South Korea) Sasya (Indonesia)]

"As a viewer, the scene with the line 'May I confess, or may I apologise?' gave me goosebumps. I was content with my act and voice tone at the scene."

On the scene she became devastated in the 15th episode: [asked by Van Phan (Vietnam) Choi Woo-jin (South Korea) Hannah Do (Vietnam)]

"Let's compare Kang Mo-yeon at 'Descendants of the Sun' and Oh Young at 'That Winter, the Wind Blows.' Oh Young is depressed in nature because of bad memories from the beginning, while Kang Mo-yeon, carefree in earlier episodes, undergoes emotional change after she got along with Yoo Si-jin. It was hard to spot Kang's gradual change of emotion."

"The other challenging part was, we filmed the scenes location by location. So it was normal to film a scene from the first episode and the seventh episode all on the same day. This was somewhat distracting to be fully immersed into Kang Mo-yeon's emotion. This also could be one of the disadvantages of a pre-produced series. But I managed to act a heart-wretched Kang Mo-yeon at last."

On her secret of the wailing scene: [asked by Lee Hwa-jeong (South Korea) Hevi Milda (Indonesia) Mia Cajita (the United States)]

"I never cared about how I looked when I have to bring myself to tears. If I care about my looks while crying, I cannot focus. I have to completely focus on my emotion while taking such scenes. To have myself fully immersed, I have to tell makeup staffs not to come near me. When my teardrop spoils my makeup, they come to fix it, and at the very moment I get distracted. I don't want that to happen. I persuade them, saying the makeup is not an issue. I do not realise how my crying face looks until I watch the episode on television."

On the popularity of the series: [asked by Ika Widyasari (Indonesia) Angel (Hong Kong)]

"I didn't realise how popular the series was as I stayed at home to watch the drama, until I visited Hong Kong for promotion in April. I did read news about the series' popularity, but the Hong Kong visit stunned me. That was the first time I realised how immense the popularity was. Especially, some female fans in their school uniform followed Song Joong-ki around. That reminded me of the old days."

"I was so proud to see that, as if a mother felt proud of her son. I was happy to see my partner in the drama series became a new hallyu star. I thought I was dreaming."

Messages for the cast members who gained stardom after the series: [asked by The K-pop Herald]

"I'm really glad to see Song Joong-ki, Jin Goo and Kim Ji-won rise to stardom. I have acted with Jin Goo in a series 'All In' and a decade later, we met again. I'm so happy to observe his rising popularity. He recently opened an Instagram account. He looks happy these days. I originally thought, the masculine Jin Goo would never be interested in posting pictures of his private life, but he is doing it! I was so surprised. Why didn't I realise he was such an adorable person."

"Speaking of Kim Ji-won, she made debut a long time ago. I'm so delighted to see such a kind lady under spotlight now. I wish her the best in her future career."

"And Song Joong-ki. Well, he is at his peak. He knows what to do."