Detox therapy for a healthy scalp

As someone with a sensitive scalp, I often struggle with a red and itchy scalp if I happen to use the wrong products. As if that wasn't enough, the horror of horrors - I read that this can lead to hair loss.

So when I was approached by PHS Hair Science (formerly known as Phyto Hair Science) to give their detox spa treatment a go, I was in turn intrigued yet apprehensive.

The PHS Detox Restorative Spa Treatment ($348 for 150 minutes) claims to help detoxify the scalp and open up the pores to promote hair growth.

Besides soothing the trouble spots, the luxe 8-step treatment allows you to relax in the comfort of a cosy private area with dim mood-lighting.

You get to lounge in a massage chair equipped with a personal entertainment device in the form of a tablet that is pre-loaded with many popular movies and TV shows.

After a trichologist-trained consultant does an analysis of your scalp, a basic comb-through is done using a cushion paddle hairbrush to stimulate blood circulation to your scalp. A therapist will then brush your scalp with a specially-formulated detox lotion.

Next comes a 10-minute oxygen therapy session to open the pores on your scalp and allow maximum absorption of the lotion.

A scalp serum is then applied to balance the pH levels of your scalp.

This is followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage with your choice of aroma essential oil.

Your head will then get another few minutes under an infra-red lamp, said to help promote hair growth.

Once done, your therapist will lead you outside to the common area for a quick blow-dry, which also signals the end of the treatment.

A post-treatment scalp analysis is done so you can tell the difference in your scalp condition before and after.

My slightly flaky scalp pre-treatment looked soothed and healthy right after.

Overall, it is one of the most relaxing hair therapy sessions that I have gone for, and certainly the most luxurious.

From the private treatment room which seats fewer than 10 people, to the array of entertainment devices at my disposal, the spa certainly aims to pamper.

I almost didn't want the two hour-long treatment to end, especially when I was still in the middle of my movie.

After the treatment, my hair and scalp felt lighter and rejuvenated. And the 'light-headed' feeling continued well into the week. The therapist did a great job of styling my long and limp hair too.

However, the only sore point (pun intended) of the whole treatment however, was when it came to the neck and shoulder massage.

The therapist was a little too heavy-handed in her kneading, but it was nothing that a little yelp to voice my discomfort didn't solve.

PHS Hair Science can be found at three locations along Orchard Road - Wheelock Place, Ngee Ann City and Plaza Singapura.