A different type of facial mask: Kabuki Face Pack

Trust the Japanese to come up with quirky twists to familiar items. With the Kabuki Face Pack, you'll never look at a facial mask in the same way again.

Like its name implies, the Kabuki Face Pack combines kabuki with a facial mask. Kumadori is the stage make-up worn by kabuki actors. Red kumadori indicates a good character while characters coloured blue, black and brown are wicked.

While kumadori is traditionally the preserve of kabuki actors, anyone can step into the shoes of a kabuki actor with the Kabuki Face Pack.

The face pack was created by Kabuki actor Ichikawa Somegoro who says, "you too can enjoy your own kabuki play. Getting into character with a Kabuki Face Pack will transform your mood and mark the start of your special play time."

Each pack comes with two different face masks. Special effort was required to ensure that the ink used on the face mask did not dissolve on the mask itself, nor the skin. There are also other "beauty" face packs such as one by lead fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto. A pack of two masks retails for 834 yen, from Tokyu Hands outlets.

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