DJ, diva, Disney princess?

Do you know why I love Maddy Barber?

It's not because she got me my job on the Kiss92 radio show Maddy, Jason And Arnold In The Morning.

That might be the main reason, but it's certainly not the only reason.

I also love her because she's bravely bonkers in a city filled with sensible sorts.

One morning after we had finished our shift, she sat down at her desk and started listening to the song Let It Go

Then she started singing.


She sang so loudly that everyone in the office could hear.

She sang so loudly that the clients meeting up with out marketing team in the conference room could hear.

Work came to a halt as all eyes turned to Maddy. A bemused little crowd began to gather around.

A normal person would have stopped singing. A normal person wouldn't have started singing in the first place.

Maddy didn't stop. She sang louder still.

"Let it go / Let it go / Can't hold it back any more"

Did I mention that she's not the world's greatest singer?

But that's okay.

It was a beautiful moment, a moment that really captured the spirit of the song itself - wild, brave, defiant, and ever so slightly silly.

Let It Go won the Oscar for Best Original Song this week, and deservedly so.

It seems as if it's been years since a piece of music has so enchanted so many people.

Let It Go has been a Platinum seller in the US, and it's in regular rotation on Kiss92.

My kids play it constantly when they're doing their homework - and these are boys we're talking about.

The eldest is learning it on the piano.

There's a magic to Let It Go, which is only fitting as it's basically a song about a witch.

Amidst its sparkling wintery imagery, the Snow Queen protagonist radiates magnificence.

Strange that so many can relate to Elsa, even though she's this eccentric sorceress. Or perhaps it isn't so strange.

Perhaps her declaration of independence resonates so strongly because, deep down, we can all sense exotic forces stirring.

Maybe we're all tired of living tiny, terrified lives, and a song like Let It Go gives us permission to tap into our own latent powers.

Then again, what does a husk of a man like me know about it?

That time when Maddy was singing her heart out, I was sitting there in a corner with my headphones on, pretending not to listen.

I told her she sounded like cats being murdered.

She didn't care.

This girl is about 82 per cent Disney Princess.

The other 18 per cent?

Darth Vader.

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