Domestic violence on the rise, says Malaysian minister

PUTRAJAYA - A woman being beaten up in a private hospital lift in Penang is just one of many domestic violence cases in the country.

From January to April last year, 991 domestic violence reports were lodged with the police, of which 715 involved female victims.

"For the corresponding period of this year, the number rose to 1,353," said Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim. Of this, 998 cases involved female victims.

"Women are not the only victims of domestic violence, and the Domestic Violence Act (1994) covers all members of a household who may be affected by domestic violence," she said yesterday.

"The ministry has also frequently introduced improvisations to the Act, such as an amendment made last year, which highlighted emotional abuse."

On the case of the woman who was savagely beaten by her husband in the lift on Monday, Rohani said she had obtained an interim personal protection order against her husband yesterday.

"The order will be in effect until the case is solved by the police," she said.

Rohani added that the victim and her two children, aged four and five, would be placed in a safe place away from her husband.

"If there is anyone who knows of any case of domestic violence but does not want to get directly involved, call Talian Nur 15999 and we will come to the aid of the victims," she said.