Dreaming of the day her son stops gambling

Bedridden: Tan feels helpless against the ‘heartless’ nature of the moneylender.

MALACCA: A paralysed mother is yearning for a precious Mothers Day gift from her 39-year-old-son - to settle his debts and let her have peace of mind during her twilight years.

Tan Lay Har, 61, from Taman Bukit Serendit here could no longer endure the harassment from the illegal money-lender from whom her gambler son had borrowed.

Her house was splattered with red paint on May 2 by a group of men believed to be accomplices of the illegal money lender, demanding she pay off the debts amounting to about RM50,000 (S$18,514).

Some of the paint got splashed on her body.

"I only want my son to settle his debts and stop his gambling habits. This itself will be a great gift for me on Mothers Day.

"I am frail and don't have many years left. I can't go through the torture from the heartless illegal money-lender and his accomplices," the mother-of-two said.

Tan, who was paralysed after an accident in 1985, said it took many hours for her daughter Ho Siok Mei, 34, to get rid of the paint from her body using a solvent.

She said since her husband passed way three months ago, she lived alone and in fear.

Her late husband had also forked out much of his savings to settle the son's debts but it still continued to accumulate.

"My daughter has her own family and though she carries out her filial duties, she can't be by my side all the time," she said.

Recalling the fateful day, Tan said she was sleeping when several men splashed red paint all over the house.

As her room's windows were open, some of the paint landed on her face and body.

Ho said her mother was in need of aid such as adult diapers and supplements.

"I am not financially stable and can't afford to provide the best for my mother," she said, adding that she would go to her mother's house to look after her before going home.

The Star alerted Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron about Tan's plight through a WhatsApp message.

Idris replied he would do his part to assist Tan.