Elva Hsiao and S'porean beau caught in passionate lip-lock in Hong Kong

Elva Hsiao and S'porean beau caught in passionate lip-lock in Hong Kong

Elva Hsiao and her rumoured new boyfriend, Singaporean Elroy Cheo, are deeply in love and not afraid to show it, reported Taiwan's ETTV.

Paparazzi snaps from Hsiao's recent holiday in Hong Kong showed the Taiwanese singer locking lips with Cheo, who is the younger brother of Singaporean designer Arissa Cheo, wife of Taiwanese artiste Van Ness Wu.

The pair were spotted shopping at Pacific Place mall in Admiralty, where Cheo played the part of the gallant gentleman by carrying his lady love's shopping haul.

The couple then proceeded to enjoy a romantic two-hour dinner at a restaurant. Instead of requesting for a corner seat, they sat at the entrance and were not at all worried about being recognised, reported Asian Pop News.

According to ETTV, the good-looking duo could not keep their hands off each other - holding hands while waiting for their food to arrive.

After dinner, the pair were spotted kissing openly while taking the escalator. Hsiao was snapped pouting her lips to ask for her kiss, to which Cheo promptly reciprocated.

The pair reportedly met after Hsiao performed at Van Ness' wedding in Los Angeles in Nov last year.

According to Apple Daily, the Singaporean is Arissa Cheo's younger brother and is heir to their family's palm oil business with assets worth NT12.9 billion ($540 million).

Hsiao, 35, reportedly broke up with 24-year-old Taiwanese actor Kai Ko earlier this year.



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