Elva Hsiao celebrates 36th birthday without S'porean boyfriend by her side

Taiwanese pop diva Elva Hsiao celebrated her 36th birthday in Taiwan recently, but her Singaporean boyfriend, Elroy Cheo was noticeably absent.

Hsiao posted photos on her Instagram account of a surprise party friends had thrown for her. Her brother was also present at the bash.

She posted several heartfelt messages, thanking her friends for their love and effort, and also penned a special message to her brother.

She wrote: "Thank you for always always being there for me no matter what, for putting up with my tantrum and accepting me for who I truly am. (childish I admit lol).

"You have never judged me once when I make stupid mistakes or when I'm being a bossy sister (that only happened very few times lol) All I wanted to say is THANK YOU for loving me like I'm the last person on earth. I just wanna tell you I LOVE YOU TO DEATH and thank you for always believing in me."

Although she had the company of her beloved pet pooches and 20 over friends on her special day, one person missing from the celebrations was her boyfriend of a year, Singaporean businessman Elroy Cheo.

According to My Paper, Cheo presumably had family matters to attend to, after he posted a photo of himself with his family in Singapore on the day of Hsiao's birthday.

The Instagram photo showed his family of five, including older sister Arissa Cheo, the wife of Taiwanese artiste Van Ness Wu.

It is not the first time rumours of a rift between Hsiao and Cheo have surfaced. Last month, Hsiao's fans lambasted Cheo for being 'childish' after he unfollowed her on Instagram following a lovers' tiff, according to speculation. But the pair apparently made up and he followed her account again within 24 hours.