Essential skin tips for the busy woman

Essential skin tips for the busy woman

Celebrity Super-Facialist, Su-Man Hsu, counts Hollywood actress Juliette Binoche among her clients. 

The former farm girl from Taiwan and dancer founded her skincare line almost by accident, when she was dissatisfied with the other products that she used in her facial treatments. And we believe her skin wisdom works! (Psst! The 52-year-old looks almost 20 years younger than her real age.)

She will be in Singapore's W Hotel from July 1 to 12 to offer her signature brand of massage, using her line of natural beauty products to pamper a group of select clientele. We say select because her treatments are limited to five a day!

For the rest of us mere mortals who just can't take time off our busy schedules, Su-man has some easy beauty tips we can follow.

Q:How can time-starved working women get good skin?

A: There are so many small things we can do to make a difference to the way we look and feel. True well-being means taking care of both your physical and emotional self.

Try replacing routines with rituals which will allow each little experience to feel lived rather than just done.

As I'm totally devoted to achieving "perfect" skin, I would say that the first ritual is taking 2.5 minutes in the morning and again in the evening to apply your skincare.

Make time a friend and not an enemy and start adding "to be" lists to your "to do" lists!

Q: Any instant cures for a sudden breakout?

A: Resist the urge to squeeze your spots is the first! It feels like a quick fix but it only makes the spot look worse. We've all experienced this disheartening feeling!

I have two tips which my family and I use. The first is really effective if the spot is just red without a white head. You tap the spot gently about 6-8 times with a cotton bud soaked with Seabuckthorn oil. It reduces the inflammation and dries the spot out very quickly. You'll be amazed how fast it works!

If the spot is already white you can use tea tree oil to dry it out.

I've seen the best and most transformative results with my skincare line on people with skin conditions because it's designed for prevention and correction. Yes, instant is a relief but long lasting is so much more satisfying!

Q: What natural ingredients can you recommend for a DIY facial at home for busy women who have no time to visit the spa?

A: My favourite is mask made of honey and apple cider vinegar. I apply it to my skin every night and not only does it relax the skin after a long day it gives an extra boost of hydration and brightening.

Mix an equal amount of honey and vinegar and leave it on for about 30 minutes. I apply it after cleansing before my night-time skincare ritual while watching T.V or reading a book. Make sure it's cider vinegar.

Q: What are some products you can recommend from your line of facial products to achieve the same effect of good-looking skin?

A: My skincare line is designed to use as a layering system where each product offers a new benefit without suffocating the skin. So 5 products a day - cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream moisturiser twice a day and once or twice a week exfoliating you will certainly get good looking skin and if you follow my application technique you will definitely achieve your "perfect" skin.

I call this system +5 -10 because it only takes 5 mins a day (2.5min x2) to make your skin age look ten years younger.

I got all my ideas from growing up in a farm in Taiwan, being a former dancer and having worked with over 10,000 faces. I can promise you there are 52 years of life experience in my system and it truly works!

Q: What facial techniques can you recommend to improve skin texture?

A: There is a detailed video of my step-by-step massage technique on my website, It is a simple 2 minute mini-facial.

If you do this every day will improve your skin texture considerably.

The idea of massage is that by draining lymph fluid, increasing blood circulation and energising the face muscles the "scaffolding" of your skin becomes strengthened. It also reduces stagnation, suffocation and tension.

The end result - healthy and beautiful skin that stays that way for longer!


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