Ex-TVB actress Belinda Hamnett says crooked nose caused by fall

If you've seen photos of former Hong Kong actress Belinda Hamnett recently, you may have noticed something different about her.

The 41-year-old made a comeback to the entertainment industry in 2015, only to be on the receiving end of harsh criticisms about her 'crooked' nose and unrecognisable looks.

British-born Hamnett, who grew up in Singapore, denied getting Botox or plastic surgery, but blamed a fall she sustained while in Singapore two years back for her changed appearance, adding that the medical cost here was too high for her to seek treatment.

At a recent event in Hong Kong recently, netizens once again expressed shock at photos which showed the actress with a prominent nose bridge but flattened and uneven nose flaps.

According to reports, Hamnett admitted to undergoing several operations for her injured nose, but it did not heal properly each time, leaving her wary of further procedures.

Photo: Instagram/bhamnett

At the same event, Hamnett also announced that she has started working at a German pharmaceutical firm as a practice development executive, and would 'slowly' make her exit from showbiz a second time.

Asked if she would be a 'lab rat' for her new company, Hamnett welcomed the idea, saying: "Because of my injured nose, I need medical cosmetology. I have gone through operations for my nose, but each time the trauma is great and it also got infected. I don't wish to go through a similar experience."

As for she feels about her appearance now, Hamnett expressed that she feels fine emotionally, but shares that she 'won't dare do modelling shoots like before'.

Hamnett won the Miss Asia pageant in 1997, and went on to star in many TVB serials. In 2010, she quit TVB and returned to Singapore. According to ent.163.com, she was here helping her older brother take care of his electronics business, while Toggle reported that she came to advance her career in medical cosmetology.