Ex-TVB star Fala Chen did not move to US to avoid ex-boyfriend

Former TVB actress Fala Chen who left showbiz in 2014 has been revealed to be undertaking a Masters degree at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City, reported Chinese media.

The singer-actress previously told the press in 2014 that she was staying in the US for an acting course which turned out to be a Masters degree at the leading performing arts school.

During the peak of her career in 2014, Chen kept the tabloids busy with her mysterious relationship with KTV tycoon Daniel Sit.

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They were widely speculated by Chinese media to be married and even owned property in the US together.

According to Jaynestars, Chen never confirmed nor denied the marriage rumours. She was believed to have moved to the US in late 2014 to be avoid Sit who was keen on reconciling.

Chen, who will be turning 34 in February, is enjoying her semester break and has returned to Hong Kong to do a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Hong Kong and the skincare brand, Olay, according to Jaynestars.

During this time, she shed some light on her academic pursuit and revealed that she has been attending Juilliard - the school of her dreams - since Sep 2014.

The American-born Chen shared that several thousands of people apply for the programme each year but they only accept five men and five women.

She is still in shock that she was accepted, said the former beauty queen.

After getting accepted, the 33-year-old discussed with her manager and decided to abandon her career in Hong Kong and head to New York City.

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Daily life for her as a student includes waking up at seven and starting classes at nine. She eats dinner at five and then has rehearsals till 10. This routine continues for six days of the week.

According to Jaynestars, Chen was at the peak of her career when she quit and the decision was not one to be taken lightly.

Chen shared that she felt "uneasy" about her choice and had to give up many job offers. She also had financial worries about being a full-time student.

During the school's four-month break, she would use this opportunity to get jobs and earn more tuition money.