Fake 'nip slip' photo no joke

Popular local actress Rebecca Lim.
PHOTO: The New Paper

Popular local actress Rebecca Lim seemingly gave us more than an eyeful last week after she became a victim of a vile Photoshop prank that showed her having an accidental "nip slip".

But now that the dust has settled, the 28-year-old is taking things in her stride.

"I am not extremely bothered by it because I don't want to give that person who did it that victory," said Lim, who was speaking yesterday to local media at the press conference for her Channel 8 series Sealed With A Kiss.

"I am just unhappy knowing that some people have nothing better to do.

"(The breast area) is something very private to a woman and some netizens even added captions to the edited photo.

I find it disrespectful and I don't think it should be taken as a joke."

The doctored photo in question is an image of Lim with a wardrobe malfunction during a work event.

Even though the photo is fake, it has been circulating online in the past week and can still be found on online forums visited mostly by men.

When asked how she feels about it popping up on these platforms, Lim said calmly: "I thank them for wanting to fantasise (about me)."


Lim also discourages people from passing on such images if they receive them.

She said: "If it's fake, circulating it will only encourage the person who edited the photo. And if it's real, I don't think it's nice to spread them."

She also does not intend to take any legal action, calling it a "waste of time and money".

Said Lim: "If the guy wanted to Photoshop it, he should have used more tasteful underwear."

Lim said that before any public events, she would usually go for fittings with her stylists and her manager to ensure that the clothes fit.

She said: "If anything happens, they will point it out. As a woman, I will also be aware of what (outfit) is revealing and what's not."

Lim is moving on from the issue with romantic drama Sealed With A Kiss, which premieres on Aug 27 at 9pm.

She plays Du Jun Ning, a real estate broker who always tells lies and says only pleasing things to people around her even when she doesn't mean it. Elvin Ng plays her love interest.

In real life, Lim insists she is the opposite of her character as she usually speaks the truth.

She said: "If I am fake and only tell lies to please people, others will find out about it sooner or later.

I would also rather others be frank with me too, so that I can stay grounded."


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