Fann regains her figure in 3 months

Fann regains her figure in 3 months

After piling on 16kg while pregnant with her first child, actress Fann Wong has lost it all within three months.

While Fann is delighted, she says her husband, actor Christopher Lee, misses her fuller figure.

"He used to say 'Baby, your body gives me a sense of security'. I think seeing me so chubby was refreshing for him. He got a bit concerned at how quickly I was losing weight," Fann tells Life! in Mandarin on Wednesday evening after a press conference organised by slimming centre Marie France Bodyline, for whom she is spokesman.

She adds: "But I'm sure he's happy I've gotten my body back."

Wearing a sheer Adriana Degreas bodysuit, a Club Monaco mini skirt and Christian Louboutin heels, Fann flaunted her slender post-pregnancy physique and answered questions about motherhood and six-month-old Zed.


The process behind her dramatic weight loss will leave most mothers envious.

Aside from treatments at the slimming centre, Fann says that she did little else to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 53kg.

During her 100-day confinement period, she ate as much as she could to ensure that she had enough nutrients to breastfeed.

"If someone said fish soup was good, I would just keep eating it. If they said pig trotters were good, I would have a huge bowl," she says with a laugh.

As for exercise, she was under strict orders by her doctor not to engage in strenuous exercise in the first two months and brisk-walked only occasionally.

"During the first two weeks of treatments, I didn't lose much and many of my clothes still wouldn't fit. Then, I started to see results and they were quite dramatic," says Wong.

The half-hour media session also turned out to be a birthday celebration organised by the slimming centre for Fann. She turns 44 on Jan 27.


As preparations were made for the cake to be brought out, Christopher, 43, made a surprise visit armed with a bouquet of roses.

"She always surprises me, now it's time for me to surprise her," says Christopher, who is based in Taiwan.

One of the first things she asked upon seeing Christopher was: "Did you bring Zed Zed?"

As a first-time mother, Fann says that it has been challenging juggling motherhood and work.

"Sometimes when I'm tired at work, I'll whip out my phone and look at photos of Zed," says Fann, eyes lighting up as she talks about her son.

She is filming My Secret App, a StarHub drama series and looking at other scripts.

"It has to be a challenging role or I'll prioritise Zed over it," she says.

It was clear from the couple's cheeky and mushy banter on stage that the long-distance relationship has not put a strain on their marriage.

Weighing in on her dramatic weight loss, Christopher says jokingly: "Very good, now we can start working on our second dream. We don't have to worry that she won't be able to lose the weight if we have a second child."

This article was first published on January 9, 2015.
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