Fann Wong and Christopher Lee frequently bicker about son

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee frequently bicker about son

SINGAPORE - It was big news when local actress Fann Wong gave birth to her son, Zed Lee, on National Day last year. The 43-year-old, who is married to local actor Christopher Lee, appeared in the spotlight on Jan 7 for her first public appearance after losing 16kg from her pregnancy.

In a series of interviews by SPH Razor, she shares more about her five-month-old infant and what Lee and her argue about most of the time.

Do Christopher and you have differing opinions when it comes to baby Zed?

Wong: Yes (laughs). There're times when we argue over Zed but we will communicate and resolve things. But being parents, there would definitely be times when we argue over how to take care of him. When Zed sleeps at night, he tends to cry, perhaps once at 2am and then again at 5am.

Chris would feel sorry for me because I have to go to work in the morning and feed him at night so he would tell me to let baby Zed sleep later at 8pm or 9pm rather than 7pm. But I would tell him no and let the baby sleep earlier or he wouldn't have enough sleep.

Other things we argue about include the number of times to bathe Zed a day and even how many drops of baby soap to put into his bath.

We also argue about the size of his diaper or on what he wears. Sometimes when I choose his outfit, Chris would say it's not nice and vice versa.

How would you tackle problems, for example, if baby Zed fell sick?

Wong: I've been taking supplements to boost my immunity because at my film set, there are a lot of sick people around. When someone falls sick, I'll look at them and they'll say: "Okay, okay. I'll stay away from you."


Who does baby Zed look like?

Wong: He's a mini Chris. But for his eyes, I think he resembles mine. Otherwise, his nose, head shape, legs and hands are like Chris'. Even the way he lies on the bed is exactly like my husband. There was once they were sleeping together and I secretly took a photo because they had the exact same pose.

What do you think Zed will be like?

Wong: Temperament wise, I think he will take after us because Chris and I are bad-tempered. Zed is very attentive though. When I am holding him and talking to someone, he would keep looking at the person and even try to join in the conversation by making sounds.

Would it be different if you had a baby girl instead of a baby boy?

Wong: I don't think it would be any different actually. If it was a girl instead, I think she'd be Chris' little mistress.

Zed has received so many presents from his doting uncles and aunties. Which is his favourite?

Wong: His favourite present is Sophie the giraffe. He's teething now so he likes to bite things. He even chews his own hands. Now he bites Sophie the giraffe instead. So I always say: "Ok, here's your girlfriend." He's only happy when I give him Sophie. The giraffe was given by my friend.

As for the most expensive gift he received, it would have to be the ang bao from David Gan. We put it in a bank account for him, like all the other hong baos he received. Maybe we'll use it for his education.

Does Christopher call you 'Baby' or 'Mummy'?

Wong: He still calls me 'Baby'. Baby Zed and I are both his babies so he calls us both 'Baby'.


What sort of father is Christopher?

Wong: He's a very good father. He would help bathe the baby and change his diaper. He even smells Zed's bum and poop and calls it nice. He 'molests' my son everyday.

How has your life changed since Zed came along?

Wong: It has changed a lot. When Christopher and I get up, the first thing we do is to see who gets to hug baby Zed first.

Basically, our lives revolve around Zed. We need to change his diaper, bathe him, coax him, etc.

Does it get tiring?

Wong: Yes it does. It's very tough especially as a working mum. But also, it's a blissful thing. Some nights I get so tired that I nod off to sleep while I'm nursing Zed. However, I'm thankful that everyday I have him.

When is baby number two coming?

Wong: I don't know (laughs). It's not so easy for me you know!

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