Fann Wong blames herself when infant son could not be discharged from hospital

Fann Wong blames herself when infant son could not be discharged from hospital

It has been three months since local actress Fann Wong gave birth to baby Zed.

For the first-time mother, the journey of raising her infant son had a bumpy start.

Her lowest point so far?

The 43-year-old recalls breaking down in tears when he could not be discharged from the hospital due to dehydration.

Wong told The New Paper in a mix of Mandarin and English: "I was breastfeeding him, but I didn't know that there wasn't enough milk. He became dehydrated and had to be hospitalised for an extra day."

"I was very worried and I blamed myself. I was so sad that I cried till my eyes were swollen and puffy."

She added: "I felt that I didn't let my son drink enough. My mother and husband told me to stop crying and showed a lot of concern for me. My mother kept asking, 'What happened to you?' when she saw me."

Wong, who is married to actor Christopher Lee, 43, delivered their first child on Aug 9, National Day.

She made her first official public appearance yesterday morning at the praying ceremony for upcoming StarHub drama series My Secret App, which she will start filming next month when her maternity leave ends.

The star, who managed to revert to her pre-pregnancy figure in just three months, looked radiant in a long-sleeved printed shirt dress.

Wong said that even though she has been eating "like a sumo (wrestler)", her weight has dropped from 70.5kg to 53kg.

She said: "As I'm still breastfeeding, I want to give Zed all the nutrients he needs. During the first month of confinement, I didn't really watch what I ate - I would have an entire bowl of pig trotters in vinegar and a whole fish on my own."


However, as she will resume work in front of the cameras soon, Wong is slowly switching to a blander diet of fish and soup.

She said: "Sometimes, Christopher will remind me to rein it in and not eat so much, especially when I'm snacking. He's a very thoughtful husband."

These days, Wong wakes up at 2am and 5am daily to nurse Zed. And even though it is very tiring for her, she wants to continue breastfeeding until her filming starts next month.

Wong is also thankful to her husband, who has been staying home to accompany them and help out.


But when asked who is the better parent between the two, Wong answered without hesitation: "Of course, I'm better! Christopher plays with him like how a father would. I'm more careful and gentle towards him."

Wong hopes to be a strict mother when Zed grows older as she does not believe in spoiling or pampering her kid.

She laughed and said: "It's easier said than done though. I might just give in to him as I dote on him a lot."

The proud parents want to try for a daughter next, even though Wong says that there is no pressure to do so.

"I'll let nature take its course. It's not like I am planning for it, but it's definitely a wish of ours," she said.

"For now, we are engrossed in our 'Baby Zed World'."

This article was first published on Nov 15, 2014.
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