Fann Wong on entering motherhood since baby son Zed's birth

SINGAPORE - Fann Wong has been a recent hot topic with the birth of her newborn, Zed. Recently speaking to Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in a first interview together with celebrity hubby Chiristopher Lee since she conceived, the 47-year-old actress revealed her excitement in becoming a mother and entering parenthood.

From not crying at all to releasing uncontrollable tears when she saw Zed for the first time, Lee speaks of how much his wife has changed after becoming pregnant.

Here is an English transcription of Fann and Chris' Mandarin video interview on their journey into parenthood.

Her birthing experience

Fann: It was memorable and fascinating. I was in labour for ten hours. My gynaecologist told me that I had to give birth through caesarean section instead of natural birth. When I heard the baby crying, I immediately felt that it was all worth it. I was so touched that I could not stop crying.

Christopher: Yes, in fact from the time she became pregnant until just before she gave birth, she was calm. But when the baby was born, she could not control her tears. (laughs)

How parenthood has changed her life

Fann: I'm honestly very excited about the whole process of becoming a mother. Although I have not slept well the past two nights, I was telling Chris that I am actually enjoying this journey. From the moment Zed was born, to carrying him in my arms, to breastfeeding him and getting to know him, every moment of it is beautiful.

Christopher: I feel like Fann has changed since she became pregnant. She gives me a warm feeling of being part of a family of three. Women will change, not after marriage but from the moment they become pregnant.

Fann (interjecting): How have I changed? (laughs)

Christopher: You have become very motherly. There's a motherly feel about you.