Fashion's dark horses

Film-makers, actors and actresses from across the Chinese-speaking world were greeted by enthusiastic crowds in Taiwan yesterday as they walked the 51st Golden Horse Awards red carpet.

Last year saw Singapore film Ilo Ilo leave with a clutch of statuettes. There was no such luck this year, but there was plenty to see on the carpet.

Actress Gong Li made a rare appearance, resplendent in gold and with her assets on show.

Others made some less obvious fashion choices.

Star of Taiwanese military drama, Paradise In Service, Ethan Juan said that his body had "a reaction" when filming a bedroom scene.

Well, his trousers certainly look inflated here, just in a different way. And in a possible move towards comfort, he also seems to be sporting bedroom slippers.

I could have sworn I saw Best Supporting Actress Wan Qian's dress worn as a cloak by one of the Lord Of The Rings characters.

It looks like it was crafted from some mystic metal dragon's skin and embedded with arcane jewels. That distressed effect is actually a floral design.

An effect lost when seen from a distance.

I guess Taiwanese actress and singer Kuo Shu-yau could not decide what style of dress to wear. Here we get a black satin cocktail number over a full evening gown.

It is not easy to carry off something that looks like an old fishing net, but Taiwanese actress Chen Yi-han looks great in this jade creation.

Did nobody tell Chinese actress Angel Jiang that the peek-a-boo effect should look deliberate - and not like you had trouble fitting into your gown?

Are we set for an Asian remake of The Addams Family? Must be. Why else would Hong Kong singer Anthony Wong be dressed as Uncle Fester? Either that or he was inspired by Angelina Jolie's wedding dress and got a child to scribble on his coat.

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