Female celebrities who married the guy-next-door

Popular female stars have the pick of rich businessmen or handsome actors as suitors, but not everyone ended up marrying their "equal".

Some celebrities ended up marrying outside of the entertainment industry and picked the guy next door as their life partners.

Home-grown singer Stefanie Sun, 37, is one such star who married a non-celebrity. She got married to Dutch-Indonesian entrepreneur Nadim Van Der Ros on May 8, 2011. They have one son.

Known to be a private family, Nadim surprised the media and fans when he shared a BBC article and made a snide remark on Facebook in Oct 2015, clarifying that his wife and the co-founder of City Harvest Church, Sun Ho, are not the same person.

Nadim wrote: "And the BBC wades in on the discussion on City Harvest. Just for the record and for my non-Chinese friends, this Sun Ho is neither a relation nor should be confused with my wife, Stefanie Sun or Sun Yanzi.

"My wife is a touch more successful in her singing career, infinitely more talented and beautiful, both inside and out."

42-year-old Hong Kong TVB star Ada Choi is also another actress who didn't end up with a tycoon or famous actor - instead, she got swept away by stunt actor, Max Zhang.

Ada, a former Miss Hong Kong contestant, had no shortage of suitors. Thus, she shocked the media when she started dating Max.

Though he is in show business and is now enjoying a career boost with substantial roles in martial art flicks like Grandmaster and Ip Man 3, the 41-year-old was once called a "lowly stunt actor" and "frog prince" by Hong Kong media.

But the pair did not let the tabloids get to them and wed in 2008. Occasionally posting photos of their family on social media, the couple appear happily married with two young kids.

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