Female K-pop idols who match with the cosmetic brand they endorse

Etude House

Besides their entertainment work as singers and actresses, the following idols are also working as Korean cosmetic models. It would be fun to see if each idol's character matches well with the brand.

Taeyeon- Nature Republic

Photo: Instagram/@jungsaemmool11

The leader of Girls' Generation, Taeyeon who is well-known for her bright, baby-like skin, is a model for Nature Republic.

Nature Republic a cosmetic brand that promotes naturalism with its cosmetic ingredients derived from natural resources around the world such as aloe-vera from California, argan oil from Morocco and shea butter from Africa.

Don't you think Taeyeon's pure look works with the brand's concept?

Yoona- Innisfree

Photo: Instagram/@yoona.soshi90

Yoona from Girls' Generation is a model for Innisfree, another cosmetic brand that boasts natural ingredients.

The brand promotes eco-friendly life and makes its packages from environmental-friendly materials.

Yoona's flawless skin and refreshing smile seems to reflect Innisfree's green and clean image.


Photo: Instagram/@myipkn

Tiffany from Girls' Generation, is a model for IPKN -- acronym for Independent Professional Korean Newyorker.

Tiffany, who was born in San Francisco, California, is not only noted for her impressive vocal skills, but also for her high interest in beauty and fashion.

She does not hesitate to try out different styles, while she is confident with her own beauty philosophy.

IPNK chose their right model, don't you think?

Krystal- Etude House

Photo: Etude House

A member of f(x), Krystal is a model for Etude House, a brand that sells princess-like styled products that attract mostly teenage girls.

Krystal is known for her chic look, but with her lovely smile and elegant features that remind us of a princess, she seems to be a perfect model for Etude House

Suzy- The Face Shop

Photo: Instagram/@miss_a____

A singer as well as an actress, Suzy is a model for The Face Shop.

Suzy's natural beauty and flawless skin are always a hot topic when it comes to skin care.

The Face Shop takes its inspiration from natural resources with an aim to achieve natural beauty through its diverse cosmetic products.

No wonder Suzy was chosen as the model.