Females rocking the tech-world under 35: Krystal Choo

In this three-part series, Tech Storm speaks to three women in Asia's tech sector who are already rocking the tech scenes barely under 35 years of age. Read also: Part 1 and 2.

Our third female in tech and the youngest amongst the three women on our watch list is Krystal Choo, a Singaporean aged 28 years old. She is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Wander, a travel app for singles which is a pivot from her earlier tech company named ZipTrip.

TS: Tell us from the beginning what inspired you to get started?

KC: People always think there must be some turning point. Some fantastic 'a-ha!' moment.

I just wanted to create this thing that made people feel good, feel connected, at scale. The best moments are often shared, and I wanted to make it easy for singles to share great moments when they were travelling. So I did. That's now expanded to sharing moments at events and over interests, both individually and in groups.

TS: What pain point does your product/service meet? Why do you think it addresses the market?

KC Wander is for all the singles out there who are sick of dating, and just want to meet new people without all that pressure. There are 500 one-on-one dating apps out there, yet singles are actively finding each other on trivia games, yelp, and at offline activities not made for dating.

Wander is for these singles who want to be themselves and socialise naturally, in a place where everyone has common interests.

Our groups have chat rooms and member lists for singles to interact as if they'd gone to a cooking class, a hiking trip, or a music festival. We put humans at the heart of every interaction.

TS: Name one biggest challenge you've faced as an entrepreneur.

KC: Pushing my limits one more time. When I've already pushed my limits 99 times. That extra bit makes all the difference. Come on, Krystal, it's only 1am. You have the whole night.

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